Monday, 7 February 2011

Black and Lime Patchwork

I pinched this idea from a card on the Craftwork Cards blog but I have changed the colour scheme, used slightly different flowers and chickened out at the thought of edging the diamonds with glitter glue!

I used  a Ritzy lime 8" by 8" card blank and cut out 9 diamonds using the Patchwork Template from Craftwork Cards and Glitz and Glamour papers - 3 diamonds in each of 3 designs of paper.  When I used the template I drew round the shape using pencil on the back of the paper - if you are using paper with a random pattern this works fine but on text paper it may better to trace the shape lightly on the front to ensure the text is straight - mine wasn't and I didn't notice until I had stuck it onto the card!

The first diamond I stuck on was the centre one of the middle row, then I added the one above it and the one below and carried on from there, trying to make sure the spacing was even. I had to cut two of the remaining diamonds in half horizontally (one of each of the remaining designs) for the top and bottom rows.  I then added black Candi as shown.

The Retro Daisy and the two Spiky Flowers are attached using foam pads and I stuck pieces of lime Candi to the centre of each one.

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