Monday, 15 April 2013

Two of the Girls

These are the final two cards which I made for Craftwork Cards.

Part of the Dolly Mixtures collection by Craftwork Cards comprises postcards of the three girls who make up the collection, Amy, Coleen and Cheryl.  These are great for colouring in with ProMarkers, Copics etc.  I don't really 'do' colouring in as I always seem to find that whatever I do looks a mess!  But... I coloured in part of Amy and it didn't look too bad.  Here is the finished card:

I wasn't brave enough to colour Amy's dress but then I coloured in Cheryl and decided to go for it!  Here is the card I made:

The colouring is nowhere near as good as it could be but I don't think it's too bad.  There are lots of videos on You Tube that are worth watching but I guess the old saying practice makes perfect is relevant here!


  1. Very pretty cards, Kath. Jane xx

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